Essay On My Father For Students And Children | Father Essay In English

Essay on My Father for Students and Children

My Father Essay: Dad is the pillar of everyone’s home and the superhero of everyone’s life. It is the father who takes care of all the affairs of the house. It is the father who provides everything that is needed in the house. Although the father is strict in heart, everyone respects and loves him.

Essay on my dad in school you are asked to write an essay about your dad in 300 to 500 words so in this post we have written an essay on my dad. You will surely like this essay.

Essay On My Father For Students And Children | Father Essay In English
Essay On My Father For Students And Children | Father Essay In English

My Father Essay in 10 lines Class 1 to 5

  1. My father’s name is Dilip
  2. He is my hero
  3. He is an inspiration to me
  4. He is a very active person that works hard to support our family
  5. My father is a kind person
  6. My father loves reading and traveling
  7. He believes in simple living and high-thinking
  8. He always tries to fulfill all my dreams
  9. I respect him
  10. I love my father very much and he is the best dad in the world.

My Father Essay in 50 words Class 1 to 5

My dad is my first friend in my life. He is the most special person in my life. By profession, he is a software engineer in a limited company in Mumbai. He takes care of the entire family.

All achievements that I made in life are because of my father because he provided me with everything that I needed. Just like mothers, fathers are important for the child’s being.

My father is my hero and also a source of inspiration for me to become an individual like him.

My Father Essay in 100 words Class 5 to 7

My father is a very special person in my life. he is strong and always there to protect me. He is a great human being. My father is my hero and I look up to him.

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He is the one who has taught me all the good manners what it takes in life. My father is an animal lover and whenever he gets time he feeds the stray dogs and cows of our society. My father is also the protector of our family and saves us from falling prey to the evil things of humanity.

He is a gentle person and he is always ready to help others whenever they face any problem. To appreciate the hero of our life we celebrate Father’s Day on 21st June.

Essay on My Father in 200 words Class 5 to 7

In everybody’s life the father plays the most significant role. The father is the first teacher who teaches us about good and well. Father’s Day is usually celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June every year in India father’s Day is celebrated to honor the respect of all fathers this day is celebrated to express gratitude for fatherhood and male parenting.

In a child’s life, the part of a father is invaluable. The person who will always remain a constant in our lives helping us in our safe and serious times and guiding us to the correct path is our Father.

I am lucky enough to have my father in my life and I am so grateful for that I am going to tell you something about my dad he is a very funny,  hard-working, and intelligent man. he always makes me smile when I am down and makes me feel like I am on top of the world.

We learn the meaning of discipline from our father. The respect and care he shows towards his parents act as an inspiration to my siblings and me. My father acts as a guiding force that helps me to reach the apex of success in my life.

My Father Essay in 300 words Class 8 to 10

Fathers are a significant figure in our lives. My father is a burst father in this world. My father is my hero my best friend and my great role model in life. He makes up early in the morning and does regular exercise.

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He helps me in my studies till so stories and places with us. I share everything with him he supports me whenever I need him. When someone asks me what I want to be when I grow up I always reply I want to be like Papa. I want to become a good man like him. My father is the protector of our family and saves us from falling prey to the evil things of society. He faces all the difficulties without letting us know any of them. My father is the one whom I go to when I can’t handle anything in life.

My father is the one who always maintains a balance between every aspect of life. One of his qualities that creates a deep impact on me is to value time. Elvis advises me not to waste time saying that it is the most valuable thing in the world. He is real-time superhero for me. He always takes care of our family and also manages his professional life efficiently.

I want to become like my father.

Essay on My Father in English 500 Words Class 10 to 12

The richest person for me is my father. No one can match my father in my life. My father is a farmer my father is my best friend and also my mentor. They are with me in every difficulty and also guide me from time to time. I am in a better place today because of them.

Mother’s love creates affection and love in life while father’s love creates life. Our parents always give us good manners, our mother is the genie who gave birth to us and showed us this beautiful world and our father makes our life beautiful and works hard to succeed.

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My dad is very disciplined. Teams always teach me discipline and always expect discipline from me. Everyone who comes home is taught to respect elders. The person I admire in my life is my parents.

My dad provides all my insistence. some call Dad Baba Papa I call my Dad Papa my father is always thinking about his future. They always want their children to learn a lot and get a job in a good place. For that, they guide us from childhood.

My father was born into a very poor family but due to his patience hard work and helpful nature, he is currently one of the richest people in the city. My friends often say I am very lucky to be the son of such a father.

Paragraph on My Father 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words

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